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PURPOSE-The GRFBL was started and continues for player development.  The weekend game schedule allows coaches to work with their teams during the week and then have their players compete against excellent competition on the weekend.  The intent is for each team to have a chance to win and a chance to lose every time it takes the field.  We accomplish this by all teams being selected with the same demanding philosophy.


For the coming 2007 fall season the number of teams in each league has been reduced to regain the high level of play that has always been the intent of the GRFBL.  The reduction in number of GRFBL teams takes into account the fact that there are more outside teams being formed to play in the fall than in the past.  When the GRFBL was started about 20 years ago, this was the only fall program in the area and the competitive level of play was quite high in all leagues.


CONDUCT-One of the most important things we can teach young men is the proper way to conduct themselves on and off the field.  The coach sets the tone for this and all teams and parents are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner. 


HONOR SYSTEM-The league has always operated on the honor system.  Scorebooks are not reviewed (many times not even kept), lineups exchanged or pitching eligibility questioned.  It is assumed that you are complying with the rules.


RAINOUTS-Opposing coaches for each game determine whether the game is to be played or not.  Both coaches are responsible for the umpire notification (Ron Sebastian, phone # 779 5576.)  If there is a question, SHOW UP AT THE FIELD.  Coaches should make contact during the week to insure things are on go for the weekend.  An early game rainout does not mean the second game of a double header is rained out.


TIME LIMITS-There is a two hour and 15 minute time limit set for all 7 inning games.  This limit means that no new inning can begin 2 hours and 15 minutes after the start time.  The major league primarily plays 9 inning games and these are generally played to completion, but a 3 hour time limit should be enforced.


PLAYING GUIDELINES-The GRFBL basically abides by Major League Baseball rules rather than high school rules concerning balks, appeals at bases, etc.


1.       A basic slide rule is in effect for all games.

2.       No specific rule exists for the barrel size of the bat.

3.       Both teams shall provide two new baseballs for each game.  Diamond DBR, etc.

4.       Two paid umpires are to be provided for each game.  If the umpires are not present at the start time, the game may begin in any manner the two coaches choose (including allowing the players to call the game).

5.       There are no protests because there are no standings or awards.  Games may end in a tie.


FREE SUBSTITUTION-A free substitution system is used in the GRFBL for all leagues.  The AA league uses a 12 man batting order, AAA uses an 11 man order and Major uses a 10 man order.  If a team has fewer players than the specified size, both teams can use the lower order size.  The substitution system requires a player’s position in the batting order remain fixed even if he misses a turn.  There is no relationship between who is hitting this inning and who was in the field.  Players may enter and leave as many times as a coach desires.  A pitcher cannot leave and re-enter as pitcher.


INTENTIONAL WALKS-Intentional walks are not allowed in the GRFBL.  The game score isn’t as important as the opportunity to compete and at bats are at a premium.


PITCHING GUIDELINES-Pitchers are limited to 4 innings per game and 6 innings per week.  One pitch delivered in an inning constitutes a full inning pitched.  A player should not pitch 4 innings in the first game of a double header and then pitch 2 innings in the other.


SPEED UP-Running for the catcher with 2 outs is mandatory.  No other pinch runners are to be used except in cases of injury.




AA LEAGUE   Freshmen-Sophomore league. 

This is intended to be league for freshmen and sophomores in high school with all players selected from a common area-wide tryout.  Team assignments are made to minimize travel for practice.  Games are played on 90 foot bases and 60 foot mound.  Games are 7 innings in length.  Two hour and 15 minute time limit is used.  A 12 man batting order is used.


AAA LEAGUE   Sophomore-Senior league. 

This league is for skilled sophomores, juniors and seniors in high school with all players selected from a common area-wide tryout.  Games are played on 90 foot bases and 60 foot mound.  Games are 7 innings in length.  Two hour and 15 minute time limit is used.  An 11 man batting order is used.  The GRFBL will have a total of 4 teams in this age group.


MAJOR LEAGUE   Junior-Senior league. 

Games are played on 90 foot bases and 60 foot mound.  Games are generally 9 innings in length.  Typically games are played to completion, but a 3 hour time limit is enforced.  A 10 man batting order is used.  The league is intended to showcase players that have a chance to play collegiate baseball.  The GRFBL will have a total of 2 teams in this age group and these two teams will compete at local colleges and will also compete in three showcase tournaments run in this area.