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For up-to-date information on cancellations and ballpark closings due to inclement weather, this page is your resource.

For all ballpark closures and partial openings, we will post status information by 3pm that day. We are implementing this procedure to make every effort where possible to open the ballpark for NW events. 

It is your responsibility to get set up to receive the text messages for inclement weather and ballpark closings. 

Stay informed on all League updates, including weather and facility updates:

  • All ballpark closings will be sent out via text notification.

  • All updates will be posted on the HOME PAGE of the website.

Text Notifications
To receive text notifications for this season, you will need to register. 
Please click this link to get started: Spring 2021 Factory Notification

IMPORTANT to update your NW accounts:
To receive and activate our website text messaging: Log in to your NW account and change your cell number to "public" and select your "carrier". 
NOTE: If you are prompted to reset your password, click cancel and proceed to your account. This will duplicate your account if you reset your password. This is your browser prompting the reset, not our website. Duplicate accounts causes conflicts in receving text notifications.

For up-to-date information on League news, including facility updates and other important happenings:

  • North Wake's Facebook page @NorthWakeBaseball
  • North Wake's Twitter handle @nwakebaseball