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The Greater Raleigh Fall Baseball League (GRFBL) was started more than 30 years ago.  The purpose of the GRFBL was to provide an opportunity for players to have another full season of baseball with a primary focus on player development    The GRFBL leagues were originally formed with A, AA, AAA and Major leagues covering ages 12-18, but with the increasing popularity of year round travel baseball, the GRFBL has reduced the scope of the offerings and now only consists of the AAA league and a loose affiliation with The Carolina Stars showcase teams.  The AAA league provides a good level of competitive baseball and players have the chance to work out a couple times a week.

In 2012 the AAA league consisted of five regional 15-18 year old teams.  In 2013 we anticipate a 6 team league with two teams from the Durham/Chapel Hill area, one team from southwest Raleigh, one team from southeast Raleigh, a home school team and one team from north Raleigh.  Some of these teams are formed through open tryouts and a couple of the teams are continuations of summer programs.

The GRFBL schedule generally starts in mid-July with tryouts and then mid-August with practice.  Practices are generally held once or twice per week and weekend games start in early September.  Games continue each weekend until the end of October.  This schedule allows coaches to work with their teams during the week and then have their players compete against quality competition on the weekend.  The intent is for each team to have a chance to win and a chance to lose every time it takes the field.

The fees vary from team to team in the league as each team has different arrangements for field access and other team costs like uniforms, insurance, etc.  When the web site is opened for registration, after tryouts, the fees will be posted for each team.